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Bloc Whiz is your freelance AgencyBloc consultant

The Bloc Whiz has 10+ years experience managing a health insurance agency using AgencyBloc

Ready to support your agency’s AgencyBloc implementation

Initial Commissions Set Up

  • Statement Import Mapping
  • Data Cleansing
  • Agent Rate Table Set Up

Monthly Commissions Processing

  • Statement Import
  • Commission Reconciliation
  • Run Agent Statements
  • Pay Agents

On-Going Database Management & Maintenance

  • Data Updates & Integrity
  • Issue Resolution

Other Insurance Agency Administration Services

  • Bookkeeping (Xero)
  • Payroll (Gusto)
  • Password Managment (1Password)
  • CRM Database Management (AgencyBloc)
  • Commission Statement Analysis and Import (AgencyBloc)